Monday, February 16, 2009

Felt Fun.....

My niece loves to host tea parties. She likes to make cups of pretend tea and then serve to everyone in the room. We must of course sip and sing praises of :). For being just under 2 years old she's very generous and will without hesitation share her last cracker with you over a cup of tea.

Her birthday is coming up next month and since I prefer homemade gifts I thought I'd have a go at felt food. And guess's fun! Fun, but I won't is time consuming to get it just right. (Can you say 100 french knots??!!)

The stuff I'm making is super safe for a toddler, no beads for example. And it's really so much nicer than the typical play foods out there. What I'm making will be like heirloom toys she can play with (they're tough), pack away easily and then hand down if she wants to. She could even make them into Christmas tree ornaments if she wanted too :)

Here are the pieces I managed to make over the weekend. I'm hoping for a breakfast set, a pizza, and some random cookie designs. If time allows some veggie and fruit slices.

These here are made from the same felt I use on my bears, merino wool (the good stuff!). Since starting these I've found whole books (via random google searches) dedicated to felt foods. Most are written in Japanese, but the illustrations and photos are beyond adorable.

So, my first attempt at felt foods includes 2 doughnuts, an oreo type cookie, and a half dozen strawberries. (Now I'm hungry! lol)



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Tammy said...

WOW, they are awesome Chrissi ! You have a real talent for this.

What a wonderful gift that I'm sure will be appreciate by her parents, and enjoyed your niece.