Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Winter's Delight......

Well, we did get snow. Not quite as much as they originally called for, but at least 6-8 inches. I knew we'd be house bound for at least a day. So we planned ahead with food and entertainment. Make something that can be easy leftovers (check), movie rented (check), hot chocolate (check), marshmallows (check check check). And not those icky old store bought marshmallows that could and probably would withstand a nuclear bomb. No, not those. We enjoyed homemade marshmallows and they were gooooooood. So good I made another batch today with a different flavor extract.

Long story short, I was planning to make candies this year for Easter. And a snow storm was the perfect chance to try out this marshmallow recipe (linked, just click). It's a Martha recipe, but aren't most? ;)

The ingredients are simple enough and the results are FAB! I HIGHLY recommend trying. Not a recipe to make with the kids. The sugar liquid is hot and needs extra adult care to handle, but kids could definitely help with the eating part :)

Mini Marshmallows


Anonymous said...

Oh my GOD Chrissi! Those look SO good!!!!! I'm off to google that recipe... holy moly!

Chrissi said...

Oh Kim, you have NO IDEA how goooood these are!! :) Today I used vanilla extract but substituted 1tsp with Lemon Extract...oh YUM!! I'm thinking homemade Peeps (those super sugary chicks that pop up at Easter) will be so fun to make.
The recipe is linked up there too! Martha has a few different recipes out there, this one I know works!! Let me know if you'll be hooked.


Chrissi said...

Oh, wanted to add.... this is a little messy at the end. Your mixing bowl will be ooey gooey while you're pulling the mixture into your prepped pan. Have everything prepped ahead and work fast once you go to transfer it and you'll be fine :)

And this recipe makes a lot of marshmallows. I sent 1/3 to my sis and 1/3 to my folks&sis so they'd have for the storm too! Nice all living so close :)